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The Friday Fast Five is the brainchild of the Northern Virginia Chapter. Modeled after ALA’s BOLD Bites Newsletter, the mission of the Friday Fast Five was simple: We wanted to deliver relevant educational content to our members that could help them with their specific firm challenges without taking too much time from their day. Due to its initial success within our chapter, distribution has now expanded to our business partners, as well as other Virginia chapters. We hope you will benefit from this quick resource!

Do you have an article to contribute? Have a topic you'd like to learn about? Please let us know! Our team adds them to an archive and uses them to build future editions of the Friday Fast Five. You can e-mail your contribution to:

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August 18, 2017

01_Operations / Business Management

Is Your Culture Putting Your Firm at Risk?

02_Communications / Organizational Management

How Learning Improv Gives Lawyers an Edge

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