Mode5: Use It, Don't Lose It! Section 179 and Deductions for Office Equipment Purchases By The End of The Year

Posted On: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

According to, using last minute, end of the year funds to purchase office equipment by December 31, 2017 could be highly in your favor with tax deductions as high as $500,000. Accessing this free website, gives you information on the Section179 tax deduction, an estimator calculator, FAQ regarding the tax deduction, bonus depreciation, and more!


As of 2016, the government has made the tax deduction of $500,000 a permanent policy. This is great news for any small to mid-sized business.


For more information on what spending funds your company may have available, please consult with a CPA or accountant, and a tax professional.


Questions? If you have any questions regarding purchasing IT equipment for your business before this tax deduction expires, please contact Mode5 at 757-628-8324.


Written by Tiana Lopez, Marketing Coordinator, Mode5

Republished with permission

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