Posted On: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Last year, ALA collected data for 50 different positions from 1,050 law office locations in 50 states. As an example, click here to see excerpts from the 2015 report, including compensation for law firm COOs and Executive Directors, key staffing ratios, and associate billable hour expectations. Importantly, you'll note that data is broken down by firm size, region and other factors.

Here's why you should participate:

►  The ALA Survey is the most comprehensive tool for determining compensation and benefits for legal management staff for firms of all types, sizes and locations.

►  It's easy to participate as most fields are not mandatory, so you can skip through questions if the data for your firm is difficult or cumbersome to obtain.

►  The report includes critical bench-marking data for associate attorneys, as well as legal management staff positions. This year, they've also added questions about succession planning and partner capital contributions.

►  There is no cost to participate. In fact, participating firms receive a $100 discount if they opt to purchase the survey when it's published in late September. 

►  Furthermore, ALA will offer member pricing if you want to purchase the full report upon its release. Just enter code "MPF2017." 

►  Participants who purchase the report will have unlimited access to an online dashboard to run customized reports bench-marking your firm's data against the competition by any parameter you choose.

Click here to learn more and participate.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.
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